Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

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We source our magnesium chloride from The Zechstein Sea in the Neatherlands. Why? Because this is the purest magnesium IN THE WORLD!
Sourced 1600m below the earth's surface.
The Zechstein sea formed 250million year ago, making it free from modern pollutants and metals. 

Highest quality, 100% pure, No additives - these magnesium flakes are the perfect and safest way to boost babies & children's magnesium levels whilst they soak in the bath! 

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays an important role in over 300 biochemical functions in the body. 

Magnesium plays a widespread role in the human body, helping regulate and facilitate many essential functions. One of magnesium’s most important roles is as an enabler of healthy enzyme function. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 different enzyme-related reactions in the body’s cells.

In addition, magnesium:

• Plays a key role in energy production, activating ATP, the energy molecule that fuels your body’s cells
• Regulates transport of calcium, potassium, and other essential minerals, helping muscles and nerves function properly, and maintaining heart rhythm
• Regulates blood pressure, cholesterol production, and blood glucose levels
• Aids bone development and guards against bone loss
• Functions as an electrolyte, maintaining fluid balance in your body
• Helps control your body’s stress-response system, and hormones that elevate or diminish stress

In a nut shell, SALT.T Magnesium is a completely safe way to:
- Relieve muscle aches, cramps and pain
- Relieve restless leg syndrome 
- Improve recovery
- Improve sleep quality
- Calm nerves and ease anxiety 
- Assist with migraine relief
- Assist with skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema
- Boost energy levels
- Lower blood pressure
- Promote a healthy heart  
- Promote healthy bones
- Promote a healthy pregnancy
- Improve PMS 
- Assist in Energy creation
- Assist in protein formation
- Regulate neurotransmitters

 The Facts...

  • Magnesium plays an important role in over 300 biochemical functions in the body. It is required in almost every cell. Because our body does not produce magnesium, we need to feed it to our bodies.

  • Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in adults. Transdermal absorption is an effective way to boost magnesium levels.

  • Magnesium is also nourishing and soothing for all skin types.

  • This product is used and approved by athletes, massage therapists, health professionals and most importantly, mums! 

How to use 
Add 4-6 scoops (1-2 cups) of salts to a warm bath and soak.  Add 1 scoop (provided) to babies bath. 

Safe for all ages. 
Magnesium is safe to use whilst pregnant & breastfeeding.
Magnesium is safe & recommend to use on children

No fillers
No synthetics 
No drying agents
No parabans
No added chemicals
No soap 
Cruelty free
100% natural 

Just 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride